How to register for kcpe membership

How to register for kcpe membership

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Who is a member?

This is any person enlisted in our database and has exclusive rights to access extreme academic resources for kcpe that non-members have no access. Using these steps, you can enroll for membership and start your  experience now

Step 1: - Enrolling for KCPE membership

First read and understand all the KCSE membership plans we have got before enrolling as one click here then:

  1. Send registration fee to any of these numbers 0728 450 425 (safcom)     ~     0763 450 425 (equitel)     ~     0738 619 279 (airtel) you can also pay with paypal or a credit card
  2. Sms your Gmail Email account to any of those numbers listed above followed by the word KCSE example: - kcpe
  3. We will review your order and if valid enter your email into our database within 5 to 10 minutes. This means that you have been enrolled for membership and you can access resources as a member. Note: an email will automatically be generated and sent to the mail you submitted with further instructions
  4. We will then automatically enroll you for our mailing list that will enable you get updates on your email. If you are not enrolled, click here to enroll by yourself
  5. We will then generate a calender with Google Calender that will remind us upon expire period of your membership and send it to your mail. then the countdown to your membership starts.
  6. We will send you an SMS to tell you to start using your membership services

How to use KCPE Membership Services

  1. open the website from the mail we sent you by clicking the open button or click here
  2. On the menu bar click signin as illustrated
    how to register for kcse membership

  3. If your Gmail email is already logged, the homepage will open while signed if not, then enter the gmail email in the logging page that appears and password that you normally use then click signin
  4. On the homepage that opens, click on KCPE Membership Signin to access kcse membership page
  5. on the membership page that opens, take your time to study links on the page and click on the link that will direct you to the content you want example:
    1. For kcpe Knec past papers click here KCPE and Answers
    2. For Mock papers, trials and other remarkable revision resources from Early child education to standard 8, click here: High Quality Papers
    3. Other papers can also be downloaded here: KCPE Past Papers Online - Free
For more Details write to or call any of the numbers listed above.
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