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He has been teaching mathematics since 1981. Mr Paul Njogu says, there is nothing difficult about mathematics and has prepared for us secrets of pursuing the subject. Below is a list of events that you need to embrace if indeed you want to pass your mathematics exams with pride.

  1. · Develop and maintain a keen interest in the subject.

  2. · Learn all the formulae.

  3. · Apply the formulae frequently.

  4. · Do at LEAST five sums everyday.

  5. · Ask questions.

  6. · Do assignments on your own.

  7. · Learn as many methods as possible.

  8. · Know your specific problem areas.

  9. · Eliminate laziness from your system.

  10. · Let your teacher know you are interested in passing the subject.

  11. · Do all the challenging sums in any paper.

  12. · Believe you can pass the subject.

  13. · Seek the help of an expert if necessary.

  14. · Avoid offering excuses for your failure.

  15. · Be determined, disciplined, diligent, devoted and have self drive.

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