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top ten excuses that teachers make after failure

Top ten excuses that teachers make after failure

Kenyan teachers are a smart breed of people when making excuses. Just like politicians, they are creative in making excuses as some look genuine and others fake. However performance in a school begins from the top and trickles down to the spine. Teachers who fail to blame their seniors and own failures will find way after all and blame everything this includes:-

  1. Grading system - was it not applicable to everybody?

  2. Motivation (for teachers or students) - is this genuine?

  3. Discipline - who is in charge of discipline anyway?

  4. Cheating allegations - in favor or against?

  5. Syllabus coverage - who's failure was that?

  6. Weak class - so, what did you do?

  7. Infrastructure - Who provides Infrastructure?

  8. Time tabling - Lame excuse or genuine?

  9. Logistics - Teachers need a car and better pay?

  10. Preparations - OOH my God! you are supposed to prepare your students on time. Stop washing your dirty linen in public

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