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Top ten subjects that Kenyan Scholars seek online

Top ten subjects that Kenyan Scholars seek online

How do Kenyan scholars behave online while searching for past revision papers?

This is a tough question but with the help of Google analytic, I was able to retrieve almost exact behavior of these knowledge seekers. Between Jun 3,2015 to July 3,2015, 14,725 visitors visited [Kenya's leading past revision papers store] these visitors made 141,632 pageviews with each pageview taking an average of 4 minutes 35 seconds. The following data was captured;

Secondary Category



Biology paper 1 2854
Chemistry paper 1 1668
Mathematics paper 1 1549
Computer paper 3 instructions 1104
Agriculture paper 1 1062
Geography Paper 1 942
Biology paper 2
Business paper 1 793
Agriculture paper 3 instructions 785
Physics paper 1 760
CRE paper 1 730
History paper 1 720

Primary Section

STD 8 Mathematics 990           
STD 8 Science 840
STD 8 English 732
STD 8 Social 623
STD 8 Kiswahili 465


In this table, we can deduce that, Kenyan scholars are in dire need of science knowledge. This is because, both in secondary and primary category, science subjects have more page views than any other subjects. Therefore, science teachers should take note of this. Students need them more than before.
Practical papers like computer and agriculture paper 3 are also most sought after. This is a show that what we provide as teachers is not so sufficient, we should find more time to be with students
Goegraphy and CRE are the hottest sought after in the humanities department with History a few steps behind.
Computer studies paper 3, Agriculture paper 1 and 3 and business paper 1 should alarm the technical departmental head, these two papers are what knowledge seekers search most
Paper 2 in all subjects [except biology paper 2] did not feature in our top ten list of secondary category subjects we also have no clue why this is so:
In secondary category, languages are the least sought after especially English but in primary section, students are not interested in Kiswahili as English with social coming only second to last in this demand curve.

How to use this analysis

This analysis will help both teachers and parents to be equipped with enough knowledge when purchasing for library books and making departmental decisions to improve subject performance.
Subject teachers will also use this information to prepare their students well enough and provide necessary tools required to learn.

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Top ten subjects that Kenyan Scholars seek online