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How to Improve in Sciences and Maths

How to Improve in Sciences and Mathematics

Mathematics and Sciences Tips

There are many ways of improving on sciences, and therefore i have compiled for you more practical and straight forward methods of achieving your expected destination. However all answers lies solely on your willingness to improve on these subjects. To begin;

1.    Calculate at least 2 unique challenges everyday

2.   Don’t postpone a challenge

3.   Attempt at least 4 challenges everyday from the areas you are good at.

4.   Emphasize on practical (Chemistry, Physics and Biology)

5.   Put more practice – putting more practice brings perfection

6.   Use simple reading methods  (SQ3R- Survey the book, Question as you survey the book, Read the book, Recite the book and lastly Review the contents)

7.   Have peace - Prepares your brain to receive new ideas

8.   Embrace friends who can add value to your life and do some group work with them

9.   Make frequent visits to subject teachers for help and support

10.Believe in yourself and have a self drive